Press Kit for the Unsane World Theater &
The Kinetic Paranormal Society


Founder and leader Isaac Bluefoot is the creator of the Unsane World Theater and Kinetic Paranormal Society; puppetmaster, vocals, producer, director

Ruth Jensen is the coordinator of the Unsane World Orkestra; percussion, accordion, banjo and foley effects.

Rachel Hrdina composes and plays in the Orkestra; percussion, accordion, banjo andfoley effects.

Stella Martinez puppeteers and plays in the Orkestra; vocals, guitar and glockenspiel.

Jeff Jensen is a puppeteer and stage manager, sometimes joining in with the Orkestra; vocals and mandolin.


The Unsane World Theater specializes in imagination enhanced entertainment. We create community games and puppet performances at festivals and events where everyone's inner child is invited to play.

The Kinetic Paranormal Society, a pair of socks in a magical wardrobe travel through time and space investigating supernatural activity. Our puppet troupe and orchestra create story driven tales, live sounds, comedy and songs; bringing to life the Kinetic Paranormal Society and their sense of whimsy, magic and humor.


Based out of Arcata California the Unsane world theater serves Humboldt County and the larger Jefferson State area.


Kinetic Paranormal Society
The Knee High Puppet Co.